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September 2018 

TVC Catering for the film and television industry by Paddock to plate food co.

Production Company : Heckler

Client: Westfield 

Jonny Greally - Producer 

Ange Lavey Manche - Production Manager

September 2018

Production Company : Sam I Am 

Client : Optus 

Kate Forster - Producer 

September 2018 

Production Company: Friske Films 

Client : IGA

Tina Schiano - Producer

Rachael Dore - Production Manager  

September 2018

Film catering TVC

Production Company: Edge Studio 

Client: AMP

Loren Smith - Producer 

September 2018

Film Catering TVC Sydney

Production company: In the Thicket 

Client: Football Federation Australia

Megan Ayers - Producer 

September 2018

TVC Catering sydney 

Production Company Play Time

Client : Thins

Tom Slater -Producer 

August 2018

Production Company Drum Creation 

Amarn - producer  


August 2018

Production Company Heckler 

Johnny Greally - Producer 

Serena - Production Manager 

July 2018

Production Company : Sweet Shop

Producer -Linda Bachmann 

Client Suburu 

July 2018 

Production Company Airbag

Producer - Francesca D'Orazio

Client Mitsubishi

July 2018 

Client Louis and Co

Producer -Johnny Greally 

Client: Westfield

July 2018 

film : Bed Time 

Producer - Gemma Lee 

PM: Charlie Clausen

July 2018 

Volkswagen TVC - Airbag 

Megan Ayers - Production Manager